Chapters of 2016

The Waterproofing Consultation Agreement

A successful consultation agreement took place in Mid 2016 between G.T.I. and Mr. Mazen Sayyed Structure office.
The agreement stated that G.T.I. represented by Mr. Saleh Ghalayini provides consulting services for all issues revolving around Coating & Waterproofing for Al Bayader School Project.
Mr. Ghalayini liaising with the client representative studies, reviews, accepts/declines all data sheets and statements of methods and recommends alternatives when needed.
Up till 2017, G.T.I. has been providing these services and supervising the Waterproofing works applied by the Main Contractor Al-Afak owned by Engineer Mr. Mohammad Al Arab.


The International Red Cross approved G.T.I. as the Supplier & Applicator of its tender for Waterproofing works at Rafic Hariri University Hospital. Over 2,300 sqm were successfully treated by removing the old system, waterproofed with SBS Bitumen membrane & protected. The project was a complete success and live proof that G.T.I. – along with other general contracts- is becoming a very competitive player in the Waterproofing industry.


Polyurethane – W

In 2016, G.T.I. successfully applied the innovative water-based Polyurethane roof coating in different areas in Lebanon, such as Khiam, Bekaa, Chouifat, Saida, Jiyyeh, Jnah & other areas in Lebanon. Theory of water-base PU being more practical than solvent-base PU’s was proven practically true at the challenging projects applications.

Solvent-Free Epoxy takes indoor coating to a different level !

Along with other General Contractings granted for G.T.I. such as Waterproofing Repair and Indoor Coating, the Armenian Community College in Bourj Hammoud has agreed earlier in 2016 to take parking coating to another level. G.T.I. backed up by their Greek suppliers Neotex provided ACC with an Epoxy System for the school parking. Neopox floor, a solvent-free epoxy coating gave the overall aesthetics of the school parking a beautiful finish. The investment made will not only prove itself unique in terms of looks but reliable in terms of durability too!

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    Impactful news on the waterproofing industry! Keep it up…

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