Two component solvent-free epoxy system for the creation of self-leveling floors

Fields of Application

  • Cement-based floors which need high mechanical and chemical resistance, e.g. factories, laboratories warehouses, superstore, parking places, garages, slaughter-houses, larders hospitals, schools, etc.
  • Repair and refurbishment of old floors

Properties and advantages

  • Great abrasion and yellowing resistance
  • Significant strenght and chemical resistance (to alkalis, solutions of acids, water, petroleum oils and many solvents)
  • Cetrified for direct contact with food & beverages
  • More economic and fast application solution comparing with tiles
  • Complete coverage of all kind of concrete imperfections
  • Can be applied also as a paint (consumption: 1-2m2/kg)

Technical Characteristics

  • Epoxy resin with hardener
  • Density of component A: 1.45g/cm3
  • Density of component B: 1.02g/cm3
  • Mixing ratio (weight proportion): 100A:35B
  • Drying time (tack free) at 25oC: 10h
  • Pot life at 25oC: 1h
  • Minimum temperature for application: 12oC
  • Hardness (SHORE D): 80
  • Compressive strength (DIN 53452): 104 N/mm2
  • Flexural strenght (DIN 53452): 75N/mm2
  • Taber abrasion (ASTM D 4060): 61 mg
  • Walkability (25oC): 1d
  • Total hardening (25oC): 7d
  • Material consumption at a ratio of Epoxol® Floor: Quartz sand = 1:1 per 1mm thickness: Epoxol Floor A+B: ~0,8kg/m2 ,Quartz sand: ~0.8kg/m2

Standars Colours

*Tailor-made shades can be produced for a certain quantity upon special arrangement


Sets of 13.5kg available in fixed weight proportion of components A&B


Epoxol® Floor Winter:
Special version of the product for application in highly humid environments and low temperatures.
(<12°C and >5°C, relative atmospheric humidity <75%, surface humidity content <4%)