Outstanding performance torch-on waterproofing elastomeric membranes showing exceptional properties on any structure subject to cyclic movements or considerable dimensional variations.

Compound: Distilled bitumen modified with high percentage of SBS elastomeric polymers that ensure excellent properties of adherence, elasticity and extreme flexibility at low temperatures. Due to the chemical properties of thermo-plastic rubber, the membrane should be protected against direct sunlight which triggers a process of early aging.

Reinforcement: Continuous non-woven SPUNBOND polyester (EP series) or strengthened glass fibre (EG series) with a high mass per unit area, Elastoper guarantees outstanding mechanical performance and dimensional stability.

Surface Finish: Silica sand, aluminum, self protecting natural or colored slate chippings distributed uniformly and firmly anchored.

Areas of use: Exceptional performance in applications requiring above average resistance to repeated thermal mechanical action. Metal, prefabricated flat, curved or saw tooth roofs subject to cyclic movements or considerable dimensional variations. Also widely used in underground tanking to waterproof basements and foundations, especially in areas with high humidity in the ground or close to the sea.

Product Advantages: Guaranteed by more than 25 years in the field, excellent aging properties, extensive thermal operating range (-20/+100), versatile and reliable at any latitude, fast and easy to apply even on structures with complex shapes.

Technical Datasheet EP4A (PDF)