20L, 3L and 1L

Description of the product

Water-repellent & waterproofing, water-based silane-siloxane nanoemulsion that exhibits high penetration ability and hydrophobic performance, suitable for exterior and interior building surfaces.


Silimper® Nano is suitable for the impregnation of vertical or inclined mineral porous substrates, such as concrete, plasters and renderings, asbestos cement, brick, roof tiles, stone with continuous surface (i.e. without cracks), protecting from water absorption without changing the appearance of the surface.


  • Shows high penetration and deep waterproofing, due to its nanomolecular structure, reducing the water uptake
  • Displays early repellence towards water, reacting chemically and bonding with the substrate, thus providing durable hydrophobicity
  • It prevents rain from impregnating into the surface and protects the substrate from cracking due to frost.
  • It is resistant to alkalis and prevents from efflorecence
  • Improves the heat insulating properties of the substrate, reducing the heat conductivity
  • Reduces dirt pick-up and limits fungal growth, thus facilitating the cleaning of the surface, allowing it at the same time to breathe
  • Does not form sticky silicone films
  • Does not change the original appearance of the surface
  • Solvent-free and VOC-free